jeudi, février 22

it's the architect's birthday and we are home in bed - him working, me coughing and wishing i was healthy so i could roll over and give him a big ol' happy day blowjob or something. i'm fairly confident, however, that having to pause to gasp for air or blow your nose is not in the least hot and so i will refrain. all birthday goodness is iou until i can breath rather than wheeze.

while i enjoy staying home, it sucks that i am wasting a perfectly good vacation day being sick. mind you, there are few places i'd rather be than in bed with a cute boy on a rainy vancouver thursday so perhaps i should just shut the fuck up, no?

i gave him a fun tshirt and a jacket and am going to take him on a daytrip bikeride adventure around bowen island or something maybe tomorrow. today i can't move, let alone ride around an island. i will hopefully be better by this evening - in time for wolfmother - but i ain't promising anything at this point. actually fuck that shit i'll be up and about and rarin' to go i promise. er... yeah. promise. shur.

in other worlds... the line up for sasquatch 2007 has been released and i'm a little meh. yup i said it - meh. i mean there are some great bands listed, but it's not like last year when i was omg that band! and omg that band! and the constantines! and and and and. this year it's... alright. it may also be that i have a bit of a bad taste in my mouth from the Dave Matthews Incident, which we won't get into here. but anyway, meh.