mercredi, décembre 31

New Year Resolutions and other Snowy Wonders

I can't believe the weather.... it's snowed pretty much six inches here in lotusland and, while it does skiff a little every year, this is an oddity.

it's that time of year, again, when everyone under the sun (dae) posts their "top ten" lists for 2003. my favourite is always the top ten words of 2003 . too much fun.
funny how we need to make lists... to itemize the accomplishments of the year past, in kind of a justification of our existence. look! here! see! *this* is what i have accomplished! I think i would be hard pressed to come up with a list of ten things that i've accomplished this year - at least ten things that could be considered significant by anyone other than me. hmm i wonder what they'd be? well, number one would be moving from a data entry temp to a project manager in less than a year at my company, for sure. i guess doing the polar bear swim last new years is definitely one. finally buying a reliable vehicle; exorcising myself of my crazy exboyfriend... hmm i may add more if i drunkenly contemplate it this evening. same with resolutions. those must be made while inebriated.

dimanche, décembre 28

i've been reading geek theory stuff ... (SIRC) (take the girl out of the classroom, can't take the classroom out of the girl) and wondering about the current fascination with crime drama, real life cop shows, things like that. i started thinking about at what point autopsies became entertainment, but then had to give my rusty history skills a bit of a shake. of course death, especially violent death, has *always* been entertainment. hangings and other public executions were happening events. now, of course, things are sanitized; clean. even the outre special effects of CSI are nothing compared to the reality of being front row watching someone in la guillotine.

humans have always been fascinated with death... we search for fountains of youth to cheat death; we indulge in plastic surgery and anti-aging creams to hold death at bay; this isn't a new thing. i think what is new is our denial of the fact that death is an every day aspect of life. so.. we feign shock and dismay with death and violence on tv, remove all mention of death from our "memorial" services, and try and insulate our children from the reality of it. i think that's unhealthier than watching jerry bruckheimer's dolled up cadavers dance on prime time....
spent a lovely afternoon in the sunshine with my sister, who really looks nothing like me - despite varying opinions to the contrary. it's afternoons like this which make me really happy to live in this city-by-the-sea.

i was also afforded the opportunity to contemplate the strange breed of fellow that is the kitsilano dweller -- that strange cross between an uber-hip urbanite and crystal gazing yoga-o-phile... smug in their fitness and / or lifestyle. i'm sure i'm going to weather a blow or two for that, but seriously, guys... it's time to move on. the lineups in lululemon were quite ridiculous.

samedi, décembre 27

this would be my first attempt at this. i am, if you will, a blog virgin. i've been thinking about the wierdness of connecting with people on the internet. it's not like i have trouble meeting people in *real* life-- i am just fascinated by the sheer volume of people that i have no other way of coming in contact with. does this make me a bit of a tart? hmm i wonder.

stacy feels that meeting people on line actually affords you *more* control over who you interact with in person. you can correspond with them at lenght before you actually meet them, and therefore you have the opportunity to get to know them on at least one level before you head off for a dinner and a movie sort of encounter.

i am not necessarily convinced... i think it's the leo in me. i still need the hunt.