dimanche, janvier 10

proper workplace bathroom etiquette

Riddle me this, loyal readers.

Yes all two of you.

I understand that there are times when you have to "use the bathroom" when you are at work. You know, "USE the bathroom". While (imho) such activities are best confined to your own personal bathroom, in the comfort of your own personal home, I allow for emergencies. Shit, so they say, happens.

However, and this is a big one, what kind of person leaves the bowl anything less then pristine? There's a container of soap right there. There's a toilet brush RIGHT THERE. Who are you? Where were you raised? Did your mother teach you nothing?

Swear to god I've cleaned more toilets since starting this job than I did in the entire year previous. *shudders*. I have no desire to bask in your atomized e.coli, believe it or not, and I'd really prefer it if you would take care of your own business, after you take care of business.

Thanks very much.

dimanche, janvier 3

stinkin' facebook


Not that I'm an addict or anything, or that I rely on Facebook to schedule my private life and keep in touch with pretty much everyone I've ever met (or not met, what with some blog-friends being up in there as well) but the past couple of weeks my account had been "unavailable due to site maintenance" or other issue and it's driving me off the frickin' edge of the world I swear to dog.

And this blog post has been brought to you by Social Media, in its bid to take over the world.

Other than that... went for drinks last night at a local beer / pizza joint and had a grand time. I think it's fair to say that most of our money worries have been more or less resolved. While I loved being able to sit about the house in my jim-jams most days, life sans paycheque was getting a bit stressful. I mean, the only thing the architect and I ever argue about (aside from my occasional drunk belligerency) is money so it was a bit rough at the end, there.

Now we're talking about buying a house and going out with friends for dinner and I've started to re-build my boot collection so it really feels as though all is good in the world.

Especially the boot part.

Having just finished Julie & Julia, I decided to make Oeufs en Cocotte for breakfast. I'm not actually using Julia's recipe 'cause it's not the first one that turned up in the search on the google-machine but I still feel as though it counts. They smell good (and fat-drenched but that's beside the point) so that's something.


Hi, Vince - nice to know I still have a reader out there, somewhere. I had the good fortune to meet up with him for lunch when he was passing through SD. Oh and I went back to that Thai place when our office took our department out for lunch and the wait was equally long, despite the restaurant's echoing chambers. So there's that.