dimanche, octobre 31

le sigh

One of the forgotten drawbacks of being single - there's no one to help you fold the fucking fitted sheet.

I've had family here for basically the last week so just washed a veritable mountain of laundry. That's exactly how I wanted to spend my sunny sundae. Trust me. 

In other words, I have some wicked fucking insmonia. Like even the sleeping pills won't make it go away.  I've been awake since about 3am. I'm feeling pretty good about life right now - believe you me. Though the positive side to this whole thing is that I've lost six pounds. I was being chipper about that to a friend the other day because god knows you can't be chunky when you are back on the dating market. His response to me was that he didn't think I needed to worry about my 'sexpottyness'.

Say it outloud - it's a fun word. Plus it's about the nicest thing anyone's said to me in a while so there's that.

mardi, octobre 26

not so smrt

So my parents were visiting last week and they're big tea drinkers. Tea + my white porcelain sinks = unsightly discolouration. No problem, she thinks, as she digs out her soft scrub with bleach, her mr clean magic eraser and her barkeeper's friend abrasive cleanser.

Belatedly (you know, as the fumes began to rise from the sink) she checked the label on the barkeeper's friend & discovered that you are not supposed to mix it with other cleaners. Especially bleach.

If you haven't heard from me in a couple of days can you please send help? I'll most likely have been eaten by my cats.

dimanche, octobre 17

Some days

you wake up and realize that your efforts to be a grown up are for naught, and that even though you've really been trying to smile and make things ok, bring them back to where they used to be, it doesn't matter because you've fucked everything up so royally that it's beyond repair and beyond smiles and beyond the powers of grown-uppedness.

So all there's left to do is crawl into bed with a small blue teddy bear and a box of kleenex and wonder if there are enough rX medications in the house to put your out of your misery.

dimanche, octobre 3

every day is like Sundae

Somedays I wake up and I'm just a blubbering mass of emotude and San Diego's habit of being gross and cloudy till 10.30am or so really works for me. It's like neither one of us really wants to get up and admit that it's Sunday and tomorrow we have to go to work and be all chipper n shit because we manage people and therefore have to be professional and all that bullshit.

Well probably the weather doesn't have to manage people but San Diego is known for our year round awesomeness in the climate department and (let's not kid) the weather hasn't been all that great this summer so it's probably received at least one written warning. From someone other than me, that is - I've just yelled alot.

And no I didn't start *off* yelling - that's no way to motivate employees or the weather - I started off being supportive of whatever it is that they've got going on in their lives. Then I was disappointed, then stern, then disapproving. Then I yelled.

And so what if this happened all within one conversation? I'm mercurial. You know that.