lundi, avril 23


It's crazy how things change. How you take a step down a path and somehow end up sucked into a whirlwind of life and chaos and laughter and tears and before you know it everything's different. Not always better, but different.

Like how one morning you wake up and you are living in Michigan and you've met this great guy who stimulates you in every EVERY way and things are awesome and you can somehow let yourself believe that you won't be found half eaten by your cat alone in a studio apartment in the shitty part of town, surrounded by cat food tins.

And then you wake up and the guy is telling you he's not sure what he wants anymore and he doesn't know what he's doing with his life so he doesn't want to do this anymore. And then you realize you are stuck in Michigan and it's freezing cold and you don't have any friends and you kind of hate it here.

And that you have to start all over.