vendredi, avril 6

oompa paloompa paloompa pa mau mau

how is it that i've never listened to architecture in helsinki before? i just didn't *know*. so light, so ethereal, so perfect for my present mood of anticipating 22degrees and sunshine on my front deck wearing shorts and a tank top. yes please.

i do need to get some groceries, and a couple of things for the architect and the kiddo for easter, but other than that i have no real plans for the next five days and i heart that a great deal. well except for watching my man gsp kick some ass in the ufc tomorrow. other than that, nada mes amis, nada.

so i played dodgeball again last night - we joined a league and last night took the kiddo with us. he's quite hooked as well. last week was less fun - it seemed like everyone was taking it way too seriously and i'm not nearly competitive enough for that crapola. last night, however, was seriously fun and i laughed my but off all evening.

can we revisit the fact that there are people who take dodgeball seriously? sort of invokes ben stiller in spandex, no? uh huh - ponder that for a mo.

anyhoo, i'm off to read my book. what other bands haven't i heard of?