vendredi, avril 30

a brief update

so here is what is going on with mr. married. i successfully managed to stay away from him today. well, not including the couple of times he came up to visit me - one was when he first arrived at work, and one was a legitimate work concern. things have been.... there. i actually wish i could will them away, but i'm really bad with that sort of thing - if i see a limit i have to push it. if there's a rule in place, i have to, if not break, at least bend it a little. if there's something that someone tells me i absolutely shouldn't do, i have to have just a little taste. at least once.

things are at the point where we chat fairly regularly (if it weren't for this darn crush i'd be super stoked at the new friend i've made). actually, as an attachment to that thought, if it weren't for the crush would i have had the opportunity to develop a friendship with this person? i'm not sure.. and yesterday, he came upstairs and was showing me something on the computer and actually put his hand over mine to move the mouse. which would be ok if i didn't know how to use the mouse. or if he was really showing me something on the computer, not just showing me for show, you know?

though anonymous was vaguely out of line for offering advice, s/he is correct. 'doing it', in any sense of the phrase, is such a bad idea. i get myself convinced that i have nothing to lose. but i do - sleeping with or becoming involved with a man who is married, and happily married i might add, is so far away from how i define myself. i'd lose so much self respect. and since i'm just (finally) getting that back after 3.5 yrs with psychojeremy, that's not a position i want to be in. i'm just not sure how i a)get myself into such situations and b)get myself out of them without losing a friend and making life awkward round the watercooler.

today's bad joke (courtesy of maktaaq)

Ireland's worst plane disaster struck today when a two-seater plane crashed into a cemetery.

Irish rescue workers have recovered 828 bodies.

Digging continues...

jeudi, avril 29

so funny

On a tour of Florida, the Pope took a couple of days off to visit the
coast for some sightseeing. He was cruising along the beach in the
Pope Mobile when there was a frantic commotion just off shore. A
helpless man wearing a Calgary Flames jersey, was struggling
frantically to free himself from the jaws of a 25 foot shark.

As the Pope watched horrified, a speedboat came racing up with three
men wearing Vancouver Canucks jerseys on board. One quickly fired a
harpoon into the sharks' side. The other two reached out and pulled
the bleeding, semi-conscious Flames fan from the water. Then, using
hockey sticks the three heroes' in the Canucks jerseys beat the shark
to death and hauled it up into the boat.

Ø Immediately the Pope shouted and summoned them to the beach. "I give
you my blessing for your brave actions." he told them. "I heard that
there was some bitter hatred between the Flames and Canucks fans, but
now I have seen with my own eyes that this is not the truth."

As the Pope drove off, the harpooner asked his buddies "Who was
that?" It was the Pope, one replied. "He is in direct contact with
God and has access to all of Gods wisdom."

"Well," the harpooner said, "he may have Gods wisdom, but he doesn't
know shit about shark's the bait holding up?"

mercredi, avril 28


i'm really lazy this evening.. i blame the fact that i had spaghetti for lunch then a veggie burger for dinner. definately a carbohydrate overload. ooo but i did discover that if i crumble up tofu with italian seasonings into the spaghetti sauce when i heat it, the texture and consistency (and flavour, really) totally remind me of having big chunks of cheese in the pasta. my god how i've missed that... yum yum yum.

the boy has a computer game on autoplay or something in his room. emanating from beneath the door are sounds of murder, mayhem and machine guns. i think i should light a candle and play some soothing music, or else i shall most certainly have nightmares.

the new mike from friday nite called me this evening. actually we have been playing phone tag since sunday - it's been quite a marathon session. he invited me out, but since it's during the week and all i want to do is lounge about in my jammies and watch situation comedies, i could not bring myself to accept. hopefully he won't think me a lame ass for declining... i did sort of explain my herculean work hours so hopefully he shall be understanding.

there- that's it. i'm done for the nite. sleep tight, all. *kisses*

kick butt horoscope today

"Your intensity may be too much for certain people to handle. Oh well. It's their loss. You have no problems with being who you are. You'll do what makes you happy, and you'll live with the consequences, if any. This is how the right individuals find you. Take each other at face value, fully confident that what you see is what you get. Everybody wins in the games that you like to play. And if someone can guess what's most likely to turn you on, he or she will be your friend for life, or at least until the magic wears off."

lundi, avril 26

things i like about me and things i don't

let it not be said that raspberry sundae is too much of any one thing. in an attempt to define myself, for myself, i am going to run through a string of words and phrases. if you don't care, please feel free to navigate away from the page. no one wants you to do something you don't want to do, or read something you don't want to read.

i am...

a flirt; a blonde (both natural and unnatural); fond of speeding; fond of laughing; more than fond of making people laugh; someone who kisses her friends in bars, just cause she loves them; the kind of girl who will smack you on the naked ass mere hours after meeting you; the kind of girl who will crawl into bed with her best friends first thing in the morning to chat and snuggle; a pillow hog; smarter than the average bear; book smart but street stupid; a pusher of limits, regardless of the consequences; a good cook; a caring and energetic parent; lover of books; lover of sunshine; lover of daisies and tulips and sunflowers; a slave to my allergies; addicted to chocolate and coffee; in love with roadtrips and the freedom of an empty highway; incurably in search of something new; very single, and quite pleased with that situation; a dancing fool; into electronica and metal and punk and new rock and classical music and opera and folk and radio pop; someone who wishes she had a green thumb and could play an instrument; someone who longs for something just beyond her reach but is in love with the quest for that thing; someone who can't stop moving and wonders why you would ever want to; someone who thinks that the years you are alive don't age you, it's fear of change that does; someone who really sincerely tries to accept people for who they are without judgment; someone who believes in the threefold law; enjoys her job most days; enjoys walking in all weather; enjoys meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends; an insomniac who has nightmares fairly regularly; a geek; a nerd; a 'cool kid'; a fashion victim; a thrift store junky; a lover of main street, commercial drive, fourth ave, cambie and broadway; a fiend for brunch; a dancer on tables and sidewalks and streetcorners; the easter bunny; a leo; sad that 'cabbages and kinx' burned down; into movies; addicted to mystery novels; occasionally consumed with regret that she left university; insistent that they are kitty ears, not devil horns, regardless of what N1 says; not into video games, board games, or head games; very into shopping and eating out and hiking; trying to get back into running; close to my family; averse to cleaning, especially vacuuming; looking forward to the summer; missing my sister; in search of the perfect italian deli and the best used bookstore in vancouver...

wow,this is harder than i thought. which, i suppose, is a good thing. i'd probably be really upset if i could only come up with a few...

well, i guess i should reward you for still being here. try this.

dimanche, avril 25

this just in:

this from

"Chocolate is one of America’s favorite treats. For most, the draw is the great aroma and taste. Others like the hint of it being an aphrodisiac. For some, it's all about the polyphenols!


As an antioxidant, polyphenols help the body's cells resist damage from free radicals, which damage cell structure and are formed in our normal body processes. Recent research indicates that polyphenols may even enhance the proliferation and activation of T-lymphocytes -- white blood cells that fight infections and regulate other immune responses. Polyphenols can also prevent cardiovascular disease as they minimize the oxidation of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, which is a major factor in the promotion of coronary disease such as heart attack and stroke.

But not all chocolate is "super" — the amount varies by the type of chocolate. In 1.25 ounces you find these levels of the nutrient:

Cocoa powder: 1,300 mg
Dark chocolate: 700 mg
Milk chocolate: 300 mg
White chocolate: 0 mg (White chocolate is made just from the cocoa butter and technically is not a chocolate.)
The higher the amount of cocoa content, the higher the amount of antioxidant. Most high-quality chocolates now list the cocoa content on the label.

And what’s the latest on all that talk about chocolate as an aphrodisiac?

It turns out that chocolate is a mood-enhancer after all. Chocolate contains phenethylamine (PEA), which stimulates the nervous system, triggering the release of endorphins, opiate-like compounds that dull pain and give a sense of well-being. There are also chemicals in chocolate that increase the activity of dopamine, a neurotransmitter directly associated with feelings of sexual arousal and pleasure. Additionally, chocolate can also boost levels of serotonin, the happy neurotransmitter, especially in women (who tend to be more sensitive to chocolate than men). And yet another way chocolate can make us feel good: It inhibits the natural breakdown of anandamide, a neurotransmitter normally found small amounts in the brain, which can produce a feeling of euphoria.

That’s the good news. Chocolate, of course, is heavy in fat and sugar, with the general rule that the better the chocolate, the less harm it will do you. Good quality chocolates are made with a higher proportion of cocoa butter, a fat composed of approximately one-third proportions of oleic acid, a monounsaturated fat like in olive oil, and stearic acid and palmitic acid, which are saturated fats. Oleic acid has been shown to lower both total and LDL cholesterol. And interestingly, although stearic acid is a saturated fatty acid (SFA), unlike other SFAs, it does not seem to affect blood cholesterol. Palmitic acid, however, does raise blood cholesterol, so even good quality chocolate should be eaten in moderation. Remember, not all chocolate is made with cocoa butter, so be sure to read labels.

And don’t forget that chocolate contains caffeine. One 1.5-ounce bar of dark chocolate contains about 30 milligrams of caffeine, milk chocolate contains 10 mg, and an 8-ounce serving of hot cocoa contains 5 mg. In comparison, an 8-ounce serving of brewed coffee contains 135 mg of caffeine, 12 ounces of Mountain Dew contains about 56 mg, and cola contains about 35 mg."

off on a tangent (careful, may be considered shallow by some)

so i was sitting in a sunbeam this morning, sipping coffee while reading the globe and mail, when i came across yet another in the ever-increasing number of articles by a print artist regarding the validity/value/voraciousness of weblogs. i read it with interest, being a person who has a few opinions (which, by the way, are based in a fairly indepth education in new media theory) of her own.

as a rule, "print" columnists reject on-line writing, especially blogs, as superfluous. i think that this is because of any number of reasons but, to me, it seems that the first and foremost is the webs accessiblity to the masses. modern mainstream print culture is elitist by definition. please note that i have added the caveat 'mainstream'; 'zines and independent broadsheets circumvent this but are, i would wager, less accessible than a free on-line medium such as blogger. please note, as well, that i have added the caveat "modern". the origins of widespread print publication in western culture began as a grassroots phenomenon. the invention of the printing press offered to the masses a means of cheaply disseminating thoughts, opinions and, on occasion, pure bullshit, for lack of a better term. publication was no longer in the control of the monastaries or the ruling classes, who previously had commissioned or produced hand-reproductions of select texts and tomes. this, itself, posits a disturbing truth: when the ruling class control the information being produced and reproduced, they, essentially, control thought and history.

texts are repositories of social value - both product and producer of culture. history cannot be divided from literature, as literature cannot be separated from history: the two are symbiotically intertwined. this idea is informed by the work of stephen greenblatt, a new historicist thinker, who positions history within the commodities of art - the text, the performance, the image. he describes history as "enabling condition, shaping force, forger of meaning, censor, community of patronage and reception. and the work of art is not the passive surface on which this historical experience leaves its stamp, but one of the creative agents in the fashioning and re-fashioning of this experience" (from shakespearian negotiations; the circulation of social energy in renaissance england). it is impossible, therefore, to separate text from context - every work of literature is the product of the culture in which it was produced. the lines between fiction and the 'true' culture which it represents - and by which it was constructed - are blurred. so, too, it is difficult to identify the deliniation between author and reader. the text which unites them, which draws them together, also serves to obscure the boundaries between producer and consumer of the text.**

by resisting the value and importance of online publications, print journalists resist relinquishing the power to control thoughts and values. the article that inspired this entry, for me, was written by a regular globe columnist - lynn crosbie. she states: "the quality of the sandys' writing is not at issue: i am sure my own diary contains less penetrating insights, but that is the point. diaries, since the advent of the japanese pillow book, were designed as secret repositories for, largely, women's personal, inaccessible-to-others thoughts, hopes, fears, dreams and so on. while diary writing may be viewed as repressive, when examined as a virtually female practice... this same genre offers everyone the opportunity to create an importantly antagonistic position against surveillance, against unwanted invasions. if the blog offers diarists the opportunity to find thousands of like-minded friends, their value is clear. secrecy is a complex issue, one which is too often joined to loneliness and fear of disclosure. but the chaos of intimacy that blogs represent also speaks to a new generation's inability to grasp secrecy's greatest virtue, what uncensored autonomy it provides".

for me, ms crosby is missing the point in one central area. much of our knowledge of past cultures comes from private writings (i cite here the example of samuel pepys). archaeology is anchored by the examination of the garbage of everyday life - cracked pottery, shards of urns, scraps of weaving. the writing of the masses, not the elite, offer the deepest insights into the everyday culture of human life. as well, lynn crosbie's columns are printed validation of her thoughts and opinions; the fact that she is paid to produce them is her employer's tacit approval that her thoughts and opinions do not deviate to vastly from their own. she does, however, hit the nail on the head in one pertinant area: the blog phenomenon is a product of our cultures' deviated relationship with secrecy. we live in a 'reality tv' nation. the private has become the domain (indeed, the bread and butter) of public commodity culture, and even the least media savvy denizen has been affected by this. weblogs are, perhaps, just a natural outpouring of the average person's desire for their 15 minutes of fame (please see 'pamie' - who wrote a book based on writing a blog, or 'belle de jour' who is one of the latest to broker a book deal based directly on her on-line journal).

most weblogs are just the day to day meanderings of people who don't really have much to say - and i'm not discluding myself from this pot. however, i don't believe that ms crosby is more qualified to write about everyday culture than many of the people creating web journals (see my sidebar for 'tale of two cities', 'the amateur gourmet', 'belle de jour'). does anyone really care if a woman named sandy failed in her attempts to create pad thai for a party of ten? not really. however, the fact that she was compelled to record it does speak to the inherent nature of our culture - therein lies the value and validity of the blog.

**case in point - this very blog entry has been driven by anonymous commenting (which represents, in itself, a fracture between the traditional divisions between reader and writer), a series of articles in a variety of medium (print and electronic), and my own thoughts, feelings and education. am i a producer or a consumer?

vendredi, avril 23


ohh i have a gmail account now. how fun is that? i am easily accessible at in case you are interested.

there's quite the brouhaha brewing over the anonymous comment poster. a note was left on moxee's blog that her postings are shallow. i was under the impression that a blog was a personal thing that you share (or don't) with other people. as far as i know, i'm under no impetus to offer entertainment value, deep philosophical musings or anything else. if you don't care to read my thoughts, move on. you won't hurt my feelings by not reading me. i don't really check my stats that often, and when i do it's from curiosity, not from some kind of deep competitive drive. but please don't make judgemental personal comments or criticisms. i enjoy constructive criticism and invite differing opinions, but really, this is my space. if you insulted me in my home i'd ask you to leave - why would it be any different here?

mardi, avril 20


"don't do it!!!" anonymous says, o-so-emphatically. who are you, anonymous? and why do you get to give advice without sharing who you are? why would i trust you if you even give that much? come on now, step up!

i was speaking with monte last nite - well speaking via msn, where i am always much braver - and we talked a bit about the 'thing' (for lack of a better word) that lives between us. he's trying to give it a go with his girlfriend and i really respect that- he's not been so good with the faithfulness in the past, so i think it's awesome to see him happy with someone and trying to make it 'work'. i did ask for a moment of selfishness, which he granted. i told him that someday i'd like the opportunity to explore what there is between us - to give it the attention that it deserves, cause we are really good friends, and have an amazing time together, and lots in common and are completely attracted to each other. he replied that he's thought of this before, and having me say it gives him more to think about. this is fun, of course, but a little scary, too. the elder n gives me butterflies, and i'm totally drawn to him. i have a major crush on mr. married, but that's a crush and if i was distracted it would go away in about a nanosecond. monte... he's different. and bad for me. and so very far away. why am i thinking about this? hmm probably cause i worked way to much today, and i'm starting to wonder what the heck is going on with my life, as i do every month or so.

shit. i'm over thirty. you'd think that i'd have this figured out by now.

lundi, avril 19


i followed a link from another blog to a 'daily leo' horoscope. this is what it said:

That coworker -- who just might be a supervisor -- isn't thinking about the position they'll be putting the two of you into if you become involved. They're only thinking about how nice it would be to enjoy your company.

samedi, avril 17


ok, so i'm doing a little 'psych me up' game prep at and what do i find? this GREAT article about mattias ohlund. i'm going to paraphrase for you:

"He looks lighter than the 220 pounds of muscle he carries.... A silky smooth defender... "I'm at my best when I play physical ... hard ... focused," Ohlund said quietly...." and is then described by fellow canuck trevor linden: ""He's just a horse back there,"

so what we have is a muscular 220lb man who is best at playing physical and hard, who's a horse. oh my god i may never be the same.

fun things

today's thrift shop / jumble sale finds:
  • 4 trashy mystery novels (they're like crack, but more addictive) - $5
  • hardcover 'old' books (ulysses, crime and punisment, les mains sales (de sartre en francais), come live with me and be my love (a treasury of renaissance painting and poetry, and a superlative copy of milton's paradise lost that calvin confiscated before i even made it in the door. - $5
  • a sheer short sleeved little black blouse to be worn with jeans - $1
  • a very fun sixties mod style scarf in pale pinks and blues (almost pucci, but pucci done by the easter bunny) - 25 cents
  • lemon chamomile and vietnamese coriander plants for my herb garden - $2.50 each.

not bad, huh?


at the tsswassen (how in god's name do you spell the ferry place) hospice thrift shop, there are a pair of vintage ladies slingbacks TO DIE FOR. size 5 1/2 or six; $4. go get them.

saturday morning

today: You're craving intensity, and you'll stop at nothing to get it. Before you dash off to try skydiving, consider this: Isn't there someone you've been thinking of inviting over? Sounds equally exciting -- and a whole lot safer.

what am i going to do today? my usual brunch partner is off doing culturally expansive things (i hate it when people get all self improving on me); my car has a flat that needs repair so that i'm not trapped here at home all weekend; i met no distractions last night, and it's not really very nice out. wah wah wah cry me a river ms raspberry..

why the pity party, she asks herself? not sure - may have something to do with the +40 hour work week, and the bottle of champagne i consumed last nite. i'm not hungover, but am definately feeling sluggish at best. i think i should put some cucumber slices on my eyes and kick my day in the ass....

vendredi, avril 16

how fun is this?

ok so i'm a little celebrity vain. but i had to check to see what celebrity i most resembled. apparently the answer is alyssa milano, jamie lee curtis, and / or debra messing. those of you who actually know what i look like can judge for yourselves.

hmm not sure this is good advice

todae's horoscope:

It's all about your instincts. Trust your gut to lead you in an exciting new direction. You may be disappointing someone who cares about you, but don't let their emotions suck you in.

shaking my head

ok so this crush on the coworker (the same coworker of the aforementioned dirty dreams and, by the way, WIFE) may be getting a little out of hand. it's bad enough that i have it, but now i know that it's reciprocated. in a big way. how do i know this, you may ask? well, cause we came very close to playing a little game of "i'll show you mine if you show me yours" in the stairwell. i don't know his situation - i don't know what kind of understanding he has with his family or anything. and, quite frankly, i'm sort of afraid to ask. regardless, it's bad karma all around, if there is anything less than an 'open' sort of arrangement. and, since the topic has never been mentioned, i don't imagine his wife considers it such.

i tried to get the younger n to come out with me tomorrow nite and sample some of the party favours so generously bestowed upon me by mr. monte last weekend. i thought that would be a highly effective way of distracting me. unfortunately, he's going off to the island again this weekend... so i shall have to find alternative methods of self-distraction. mike b. did mention a house party that may be worth checking out... hopefully there will be cute boys (other than mike b, who is cute as a button).

oh, by the way: for your viewing enjoyment here is a link to a crazy lady. her son is 8. that's EIGHT years old. she's still breastfeeding. check out the photos. read the caption of the one of her and her son kissing. blech.

mercredi, avril 14

todae's horoscope:

Desire shapes you. Impulse drives you. You're an acquired taste, but you knew that.

mardi, avril 13

which britney spears song are you?

I'm A Slave 4 U - Sexy, horny, kinky - you're a
wild cat in bed. Just remember, no glove, no

Which Britney Spears single are you?
brought to you by Quizilla


ok... so i should have elaborated more, but i was tired and road-stoned..

why am i not dating monte? well, first off cause we live a long way apart. despite my fairly frequent grumblings, i probably am not moving back there anytime soon. and, despite his fairly frequent grumblings, he's probably staying there for a while. secondly, he's a bit of a dog. i don't think i'm strong enough to date someone who i *know* is sleeping with a lot of people who are generally a *lot* younger than i am.

that said, i'd probably do it if we did live closer together. we always have a tonne of fun.

i got to work this am to discover 98 new emails in my inbox. that's NINETY EIGHT. 9-8.

lundi, avril 12

back in van

things i realized this weekend:

1) pg is still a pretty ugly place this time of year
2) vancouver may be the only place in the province where it is not only acceptable but expected that you drive 90kph on major city streets
3) people in pg stare. a lot.
4) my favourite italian deli is *still* my favourite italian deli
5) my grandma is one peppy lady for someone who is 84 and has been quite ill in the last few months
6) i still love mr and mrs palmer and they are still my absolute role model for marriage
7) the reason i have had so much trouble finding a man i 'click' with here in vancouver is cause i know monte.

i think this last point needs some elaboration. remember way back when (phew must be at least a week now) when i was pondering the fact that i may be looking for something in a man that doesn't exist, and that i may just have to give in to that fact? you know, it's not true. i'm looking for some pretty basic things - mostly, what i want is to get butterflies in my belly when i see the person, and know that they get them when they see me. when monte opened his door the other nite, i didn't get butterflies in my belly, i got them all the way to the tips of my fingers. and the crazy thing is that i *know* he gets them too. there's tangible electricity between us; we are in physical contact the whole time we are in each other's presence; we have great conversations and tonnes of fun together.... so really, if i can find that in someone who i've known for 5 years (they've been there since i first laid eyes on him, and sex didn't make them go away the way it usually does) theoretically i should be able to find them in someone else, right? right.

vendredi, avril 9

sundae's friday horoscope

how good is this one?

"You have so much to give. You can take a lot, too. This has to do with tolerance as well as good-natured larceny. You're just a ball of mischievous energy. Your plans are as big as your appetite. They're also subject to change at a moment's whim. If you're trying to make someone love you or be your friend, don't worry. You're irresistible right now. All of your victims are willing. All the same, try not to take too much advantage of them. For aesthetic reasons, the contest has to at least look like a fair game."

home again, home again, jiggity jog

it must be a sign - i stepped out to get timmys this morning (my brother is not a coffee drinker) and came away with a "free donut" roll-up-the-rim. what does this mean? is pg inherently better luck for me than lotusland? should i be looking for permanent employment and decent housing?

i always have such mixed feelings about this place. when i'm in van and am feeling particularly disconnected, i think back on pg and remember the bits and pieces of good things in my life when i lived here and really miss it. then i come back and look around and remember the things that frustrated me beyond belief and am glad to no longer be here.

i think that this spring will bring good changes in my life, though. moving closer to the city (hopefully within a short distance of a good italian deli and a used book store); making my home my own not just a place where i store my stuff; bringing friends into my home again - these things will all go a long way towards making me feel more at "home" in vancouver.

on a completely different note, i have a bit of a personal dilemma. i have developed a crush on someone who is seriously married. now, karmically speaking, this is something that i sort of promised myself would never happen again. but, crushes are crushes and sometimes you can't do much about them, right? i really need to start getting out more - going to places where decent single straight men congregate. i wonder where that would be? maktaaq- perhaps you and moxee and i should go prowling? there is a serious girls nite out planned for the near future. i think that would be a fine opportunity for such conquests.

dimanche, avril 4

sleeping in

ok, so as testimony to exactly how tired i was this week: i fell asleep watching tv *before* ten o'clock last nite, and slept for almost 11 hours. straight through. it was one of those sleeps where you know you were solid 'cause you are in pretty much the same position you went to bed in, and your hair hasn't moved much...

the clouds are moving in from the victoria region. see, i blame victoria cause my brother went to uni there, and it was a constant 'thing' with him to brag about how beautiful the weather in that city was. i could be watching a live broadcast of torrential rain and wind or freak hailstorms in our fair capital city, and he'd be swearing up and down that it was sunny and 22degrees. so now, whenever the weather turns bad, i say that it's blowing in from victoria.

moxee played the alphabet game on her blog today, and i'm going to copy her - just for fun. i think everybody should do it at least once. the 'before the slash' words are things i really like; the 'after the slash' words are things i dislike.

A - avocados, applesauce, adventures / ambulances, angry people
B - black, buttery toast, boots, bagels, boys, buttons, bubble baths / babies, bandaids, bingo
C - Calvin, cheese, cats, chocolate, coffee, candy, cake, cooking, Canucks, cinnamon / cooked carrots, cavities, cranberry juice
D - dates, dancing, dares, dave grohl / dull
E - elbows, ears, eyes / eggs, enemies
F - friends, fights (the good ones), fellatio, fun, fiddleheads, fairy tails / fights (the bad ones), frustration, freaking out
G - ghost stories, gum, giggling, gingerale, gingersnaps, ginger in general, giddiness, guys in glasses / games, grime, garishness
H - hockey, happiness, hugs / hairy legs (on me), humility, hissy fits, haughty
I - indecency, innocence, indigo ink, imbibing, intellligence, ikea / industry, insecurity, indifference
J - junk food, juice, jingles, jammies, James Joyce / jumping to conclusions
K - kissing / kindergarten
L - lovers, limes, lemons, lingering, liberty / losing, lying, laundry
M - making out, moms, memories, mike b, moxee, mutt, maktaaq / missing someone, missing my marbles
N - N2, nudity, naughtiness / nakedness, normality, near-misses
O - orgasms, oranges, ornateness, ohlund / opulence, oratories, obviousness
P - pink, peanuts, pastries, 'the palmers' / pain, peeing all the time, patience
Q - quiet moments / quitting
R - running, racing, raspberries, rhymes, rambling / running away, racism
S - sex, smiles, summer sundays, sundaes, sunny days / stuck in traffic
T - tanginess, tarts / temper tantrums
U - underwear, umbrellas / unhappiness
V - vodka! / vindictiveness
W - water, wanderlust, wine / whining, wasps
X - x-rated / the lack of x words
y - yams, yoga / yelling
z - zig zagging through life / zits

now you try!

samedi, avril 3


did i mention that i have a new *pink* mobile phone? how cool is that? there are rumours afoot at work about favouritism, but i see no correlation....

i have worked 57 hours this week. i'm so tired it actually is requiring a great deal of effort to type. so forgive me for my sporadic posting of the past few days..

calvin and mike b. and i went to brunch at provence today... man what a gorgeous place for a sunny saturday breakfast. we sat on the patio overlooking the water, watched the world go by, drank coffee and ate pastries. it's days like today that remind you of all that is right with the world.

wow, what an uninspired post. the really scary thing is how long it actually took me to write it...

seriously funny

the exorcist in thirty seconds and reinacted by bunnies. what more can you ask for?