vendredi, avril 16

shaking my head

ok so this crush on the coworker (the same coworker of the aforementioned dirty dreams and, by the way, WIFE) may be getting a little out of hand. it's bad enough that i have it, but now i know that it's reciprocated. in a big way. how do i know this, you may ask? well, cause we came very close to playing a little game of "i'll show you mine if you show me yours" in the stairwell. i don't know his situation - i don't know what kind of understanding he has with his family or anything. and, quite frankly, i'm sort of afraid to ask. regardless, it's bad karma all around, if there is anything less than an 'open' sort of arrangement. and, since the topic has never been mentioned, i don't imagine his wife considers it such.

i tried to get the younger n to come out with me tomorrow nite and sample some of the party favours so generously bestowed upon me by mr. monte last weekend. i thought that would be a highly effective way of distracting me. unfortunately, he's going off to the island again this weekend... so i shall have to find alternative methods of self-distraction. mike b. did mention a house party that may be worth checking out... hopefully there will be cute boys (other than mike b, who is cute as a button).

oh, by the way: for your viewing enjoyment here is a link to a crazy lady. her son is 8. that's EIGHT years old. she's still breastfeeding. check out the photos. read the caption of the one of her and her son kissing. blech.