vendredi, avril 23


ohh i have a gmail account now. how fun is that? i am easily accessible at in case you are interested.

there's quite the brouhaha brewing over the anonymous comment poster. a note was left on moxee's blog that her postings are shallow. i was under the impression that a blog was a personal thing that you share (or don't) with other people. as far as i know, i'm under no impetus to offer entertainment value, deep philosophical musings or anything else. if you don't care to read my thoughts, move on. you won't hurt my feelings by not reading me. i don't really check my stats that often, and when i do it's from curiosity, not from some kind of deep competitive drive. but please don't make judgemental personal comments or criticisms. i enjoy constructive criticism and invite differing opinions, but really, this is my space. if you insulted me in my home i'd ask you to leave - why would it be any different here?