samedi, avril 17

fun things

today's thrift shop / jumble sale finds:
  • 4 trashy mystery novels (they're like crack, but more addictive) - $5
  • hardcover 'old' books (ulysses, crime and punisment, les mains sales (de sartre en francais), come live with me and be my love (a treasury of renaissance painting and poetry, and a superlative copy of milton's paradise lost that calvin confiscated before i even made it in the door. - $5
  • a sheer short sleeved little black blouse to be worn with jeans - $1
  • a very fun sixties mod style scarf in pale pinks and blues (almost pucci, but pucci done by the easter bunny) - 25 cents
  • lemon chamomile and vietnamese coriander plants for my herb garden - $2.50 each.

not bad, huh?