mercredi, février 27

work and love will make a man out of you

who knew this frickin' wedding business was so much work? i thought we'd find a place, get a reservation at a restaurant, i'd buy a dress and hey-presto! we're hitched let's get LOADED!

apparently not, though. first off, did you know that for your flowers, you can't actually just pick flowers that you like, they also have to be IN SEASON? i thought you could just walk into a florists shop and pretty much buy anything at any time. isn't that why they have greenhouses, these days?

i think part of the problem is that i signed up for this website called 'the knot' and it has these huge checklists of stuff to do, along with a timeline for when they need to be done. right off the bat i had over 150 items overdue - it doesn't take into account the fact that this isn't a wedding wedding. however, as soon as i saw all of those exclamation points i started to get stressed oooooot.

oh there's a new city & colour album - it's really good.

lundi, février 25

blogging romania

i just watched anthony bourdain eat a pig snout in a crazy victorian-themed restaurant somewhere in romania.

keep in mind that i do this only for maktaaq. she hasn't got cable, you see, and so i told her i'd take this one for the team.


i'll talk tomorrow about a paper plate with a ground meat kebab (who knew romanian food was so middle eastern) and a pickle. until then, think about how drunk i got last night with my new sunday night cohorts, and how much pasta i ate.

i will be fat in moments, if not seconds - hold tight and watch me bloat.


samedi, février 23

lazy sundae wake up in the late... well morning but still

oh i'm sorry for the absentee blogger syndrome. what can i say? i'm a terrible hostess. even worse, i have very little time for you this morning - i'm off to give a tour to a bride and groom of the wedding i'm coordinating the week after my own.

heh that's so weird to say. it's kind of like all of a sudden i'm in this club. a club with buhjillions of members, 'tis true, but a club nonetheless.

yesterday was the architect's bday, so we went out and grabbed some dinner with his old friend from motorcycle racing, then headed over to the aero for drinks. oh and more drinks. and more drinks. i played the 'wander away from the cocktail' game so that i was in better shape than most, but the architect was kit-n-kaboodled. his coffee is sitting on the bedside table beside him, but he just kind of opened one eye and groaned. poor guy has to go to some meetings today... it's cool 'cause through the magic of the innerweb i've managed to meet some cool people here. yay for starting to make friends!


i heard the other day that the lightbulb factory let go of a bunch more people - a couple of whom i considered friends - and that makes me sad, but at the same time so happy to not be there anymore.

mercredi, février 20


dude let me tell you now - ric flair is alive and well and still fighting in the WWE. i know this because last night i was there. i probably don't strike you as the type who'd be into that sort of thing, and heck, let's not kid i don't strike *myself* as that sort, but we were given tickets so we went.

i was deaf for 2 hours after the pyrotechnics.

my overall response was sort of bewilderment - it's such a huge production and people are *so* into it. just not my cup of tea, i guess. there used to be a blog regular here who was deep into it. i wish he were still around so i could talk to him but there you are.

the crowd was hugely predominantly mexican - i'll admit that my knowledge of mexican wrasslin stems entirely from nacho libre but i think it's fairly big in that culture.

i was also stricken by how *theatrical* it is - every action and movement is so exaggerated: the players are communicating with the crowd with every gesture; their characters are clearly defined and they play to their roles and to the crowds reactions.

it was kind of neat.

and here is a picture of my cat for no reason at all.

mardi, février 19

times are achanging

big news in the world today... what with fidel stepping down and george w talking about bringing democracy to cuba and smog* does that mean he's thinking his 'legacy' will be a deomcratic cuba perhaps the 56th state of the union or maybe just a district or whatever it is that they call puerto rico.

oh and also tenbucks is discontinuing their breakfast sammiches (no loss, according to the sister: "too eggy", she reports) and is bringing in refillable coffees and $1 short coffees, at least in their homebase seattle wa.

you know the economy is in the shitter when starbucks starts lowering prices. fortunately the architect is in restaurant design, and restaurants are generally the one market that doesn't suffer when the economy is bad. clearly people are cutting back on the $6 lattes, though. i'm half expecting to see a tim hortons popping up on every block here in SD - their coffee is like crack, yo.

in other worlds, i'm trying to find an outside locale to have my wedding, and a place to host the wedding dinner.

also - all my american friends (and goshfukkit my canadian ones too) should check out rick mercer's rant from the feb 5th show for a remarkably astute discussion of the difference between canadian and american electoral processes. oh and then watch the 'dude' one, just for fun.

oh and i'm homesick in a big way today.

* see previous post for definition.

lundi, février 18

bottle in front of me (vs a frontal lobotomy, though the differences are not readily apparent)

smog* i did a little drinking last night.... one of the bookclub cohorts rounded up a few people for some presidents day libations at a local dive bar yesterday. the architect dropped me off**, we did scotch flights set up by the bartender, who is a local favourite, and then headed off to a super cheep, super delicious italian joint for pasta and pizza family style (though i had my own pasta 'cause of the whole food allergy thing).

other than that, our weekend was fun and sort of non-eventful. we had a delayed valentines dinner at a local mexican joint (that has the most GINOURMOUS tequila menu, by the way), ate brunch out, did the farmers market, oh and I made hummus with my new food processor (yay for valentines gifts!)

oh and we also scoped out a couple of wedding-type locations. heh. wedding locations.... so surreal.

* sweet mother of god
** a funny conversation occurred on the way down. we'd been discussing (previously) how important it is for couples to have separate interests & activities. it's shaping up that his will be cycling (he's getting back into roadbikes) and mine will be... you guessed it... drinking. amen sister friend.

jeudi, février 14

new topic!

happy valentine's day come on people, now, smile on your brother everybody! get together, try to love one another not later, but right now! (paraphrasing nirvana paraphrasing the indigo girls. no seriously - the indigo girls)

mercredi, février 13

no spring rolls for you!

ok for a country that has suffered so much in the name of 'purity of race' Israel's recent actions to reduce the number of asian cooks seems a little bit like .. i dunno... hubris to me. and a tad ironic, doncha think? they have already dropped the number of permits available to asian or foreign born chefs by 400, and they are seeking to eliminate them altogether, saying that israelis could be trained to do the work.

of course they can. heck - anyone who's read anything about modern kitchens in the US knows that 7/10 chefs in the top french, italian, chinese, whathaveyou restaurants across the country are mexican. just last night on anthony bourdain your fearless leader watched her hero dining on sushi crafted by someone from puebla.

that, however, is not the point. the point is that you already have to prove jewish ancestry in order to immigrate to Israel. the point is that this recent move by the israeli government smacks of non-confrontational ethnic cleansing. the point is that you would think that the israelis, of all people, would be a bit more tolerant.

mardi, février 12


is it just me this happens to? i swear to god my tolerance for alcohol is ZERO when i've got my period. like we didn't have any more wine than we usually do of an evening, and i'm *so* hungover today it isn't close to funny. like i've taken god knows how many painkillers and i still have a headache.

of course the wandering to the post office in the 30degree weather probably didn't help the dehydration but goshfukkit i had to mail a letter to my grandma and get me some hangover fries.

so yeah.. married... easter weekend... somewhere outside.. probably some friends and family will turn up, then we'll go to a restaurant and get drunkers. hee. poor guy doesn't know what he's getting into...

actually, he probably does, and yet this hasn't deterred him in the least. he must be sicker than i am.

lundi, février 11

hey little sister what's your vice and wish

guess who's gettin married?

another manic monday

it's true - mondays are hectic here at the sundae sanatorium. even as we speak i'm lying here in bed, listening to the cat chitter at birds (c-cc-cc-cc-c-c'mere bird! (it's like he stutters)), sipping a cup of coffee that the architect delivered to me in bed before leaving for work, and wondering what to do with myself today NAY this whole week.


come on now... don't be hatin - this unemployment gig is hard work.


heh ok i don't buy it either but i do have to find things to do to keep myself busy so that i don't go stir crazy and murder myself, the cat, and the architect. i can't imagine being a sixties-era housewife, with nothing to look forward to every day except crying dirty children and six loads of laundry. *shudders*.

(now i know that it is what some people aspire to - being able to stay home and take care of the kids - and i'm not knocking them for it, i'm just saying it's not for me. simmer.)

ug i dunno what to write this morning....

i think this decision to move to SD (aside from the obvious drawbacks like missing my family and friends) was a really good one. knock wood - but my relationship with the architect seems to be getting better and better even with the money stress (which is getting to be less and less); the sunshine does wonders for my depression; my job was sucking the life out of me - now that i'm away from it i can genuinely think about maybe going back to school; our neighbourhood is awesome: we can walk to pretty much everything we need, including bars, restaurants, haircuts, farmers market; and we're starting to actually get a house put together. (knock wood, knock wood, knock wood). we don't live an extravagent exciting lifestyle, but it's quiet and happy and comfortable. i figure that's a good thing...

jeudi, février 7

laugh-out-loud (no really i did)

I wonder if Al Gore realized when he invented the internets that he was just creating a bigger black hole for a calendar so cliched February makes you want to swear: Fuck aphrodisiacs and the “romantic dinner for two” they rode in on.

i love the smell of vitriol in the morning....

i miss this bra

i need a new pale pink under white stuff bra. the one i have is starting to rip and the straps slide at inopportune moments. i want another one like the one in the picture - i like the satiny bit at the top - but i can't remember where i got the original and, let's not kid, it was in vancouver so it doesn't do me any good here. not to mention the fact that the picture is 2.5 years old, so even if i *could* remember where i got it, i probably wouldn't be able to get it again. fuck progress.

isn't it romantic

nothing says i love you like the word 'supermarket' tattooed across your belly. actually, i like the idea of having 'supermarket' written in kanji somewhere on my body - dog knows i heart the grocery store - but i guess when you *think* you are getting your boyfriend's name carved on your person, finding out it actually says tesco, or perhaps safeway, (or ooo! trader joe's!) is a bit of a letdown.

my favourite part, though, isn't the fact that this person didn't actually take the time to do a bit of research to find out what the characters should be (love *is*, after all, dependent upon romantic spontaneity) it's that she "did not think about whether it meant forever". here's a tip - the pain should generally be your first clue that we aren't talking funhouse temporary airbrushing, it's the real dealio.

mercredi, février 6

she works hard for the money

did i ever mention that i became ordained?

yeah i did - so that i could perform weddings. (cue the sound of my mother laughing hysterically. she laughed almost as hard when i told her this as she did the day she tried to watch me sew a straight line on the sewing machine)

anyhoo, yesterday i went and married a couple for the first time. you know, aside from the obvious incongruity of me performing weddings (it's weird even for me, seriously), it's a damn nice way to make a living. you don't work for very long, and it's rewarding to say the least. plus the money's not bad. i made almost as much yesterday as the architect, didn't start till 9, was done by 1, and spent half of the time lounging in the sunshine having lunch once we went through the rehearsal.

wow, though- i wore 'real' heels yesterday for the first time in forever (aside from my boots) and i almost died - squashing my poor toesies into those pointy torture devices, then walking back and forth at a quick pace from one end of a cruise ship to the other after wearing wide toed boots and/or sneakers for 3 months was just this side of agony.
i'm surprised they agreed to hold me up for the rest of the day...

lundi, février 4

hc *is* tf

you know, i like reese, even with her perky chin. an ad for legally blonde came up yesterday as we were avoiding the superbowl and the architect looked at me and asked 'do you relate to RW in that movie?' and i had to say yes.

man i had a *super* lazy weekend. like lazy even by my recent life standards... didn't really run errands, didn't really do much cooking, didn't really do much except lounge, eat, make out with my boyfriend, read books and watch tv. it was kinda nice to have company in my sloth.

i perused the s-bowl ads online this morning.. i liked the audi ad 'cause i like audis and MINE, by the way, and i liked the JT ad (but mostly cause of andy samberg - also MINE), but my favourite was the coke balloons ad. it was just kinda pretty, and look at charlie brown go he finally got the prize in the end... brought a tear.

or not.

but still.

vendredi, février 1

i'm stuck on bandaid 'cause bandaid's stuck on me

does anyone know why cilantro, more than any other herb, sticks to your fingers? this is something that has puzzled me for *years*, seriously.

i mean, there must be some kind of reason for it. anyone? anyone? bueller?

moving on.

i'm feeling really lazy today - actually, i'm on our couch (which is *not* comfy, and is one of the first things we will change after we get a kitchen table), i'm wrapped up in my fuzzy pink skull blanket, i just finished a cup of tea and i think that if i give myself any kind of chance i will be asleep in six seconds. it's kinda grey outside, and is definitely chilly in here, so why not? i've got the heat on, the cat hasn't emerged from beneath the quilt in the bedroom for hours... i say, nap.