mardi, février 19

times are achanging

big news in the world today... what with fidel stepping down and george w talking about bringing democracy to cuba and smog* does that mean he's thinking his 'legacy' will be a deomcratic cuba perhaps the 56th state of the union or maybe just a district or whatever it is that they call puerto rico.

oh and also tenbucks is discontinuing their breakfast sammiches (no loss, according to the sister: "too eggy", she reports) and is bringing in refillable coffees and $1 short coffees, at least in their homebase seattle wa.

you know the economy is in the shitter when starbucks starts lowering prices. fortunately the architect is in restaurant design, and restaurants are generally the one market that doesn't suffer when the economy is bad. clearly people are cutting back on the $6 lattes, though. i'm half expecting to see a tim hortons popping up on every block here in SD - their coffee is like crack, yo.

in other worlds, i'm trying to find an outside locale to have my wedding, and a place to host the wedding dinner.

also - all my american friends (and goshfukkit my canadian ones too) should check out rick mercer's rant from the feb 5th show for a remarkably astute discussion of the difference between canadian and american electoral processes. oh and then watch the 'dude' one, just for fun.

oh and i'm homesick in a big way today.

* see previous post for definition.