samedi, février 23

lazy sundae wake up in the late... well morning but still

oh i'm sorry for the absentee blogger syndrome. what can i say? i'm a terrible hostess. even worse, i have very little time for you this morning - i'm off to give a tour to a bride and groom of the wedding i'm coordinating the week after my own.

heh that's so weird to say. it's kind of like all of a sudden i'm in this club. a club with buhjillions of members, 'tis true, but a club nonetheless.

yesterday was the architect's bday, so we went out and grabbed some dinner with his old friend from motorcycle racing, then headed over to the aero for drinks. oh and more drinks. and more drinks. i played the 'wander away from the cocktail' game so that i was in better shape than most, but the architect was kit-n-kaboodled. his coffee is sitting on the bedside table beside him, but he just kind of opened one eye and groaned. poor guy has to go to some meetings today... it's cool 'cause through the magic of the innerweb i've managed to meet some cool people here. yay for starting to make friends!


i heard the other day that the lightbulb factory let go of a bunch more people - a couple of whom i considered friends - and that makes me sad, but at the same time so happy to not be there anymore.