mercredi, février 13

no spring rolls for you!

ok for a country that has suffered so much in the name of 'purity of race' Israel's recent actions to reduce the number of asian cooks seems a little bit like .. i dunno... hubris to me. and a tad ironic, doncha think? they have already dropped the number of permits available to asian or foreign born chefs by 400, and they are seeking to eliminate them altogether, saying that israelis could be trained to do the work.

of course they can. heck - anyone who's read anything about modern kitchens in the US knows that 7/10 chefs in the top french, italian, chinese, whathaveyou restaurants across the country are mexican. just last night on anthony bourdain your fearless leader watched her hero dining on sushi crafted by someone from puebla.

that, however, is not the point. the point is that you already have to prove jewish ancestry in order to immigrate to Israel. the point is that this recent move by the israeli government smacks of non-confrontational ethnic cleansing. the point is that you would think that the israelis, of all people, would be a bit more tolerant.