mardi, février 12


is it just me this happens to? i swear to god my tolerance for alcohol is ZERO when i've got my period. like we didn't have any more wine than we usually do of an evening, and i'm *so* hungover today it isn't close to funny. like i've taken god knows how many painkillers and i still have a headache.

of course the wandering to the post office in the 30degree weather probably didn't help the dehydration but goshfukkit i had to mail a letter to my grandma and get me some hangover fries.

so yeah.. married... easter weekend... somewhere outside.. probably some friends and family will turn up, then we'll go to a restaurant and get drunkers. hee. poor guy doesn't know what he's getting into...

actually, he probably does, and yet this hasn't deterred him in the least. he must be sicker than i am.