dimanche, décembre 30

three blocks over from yesterday

ug my laptop is currently resting on my post christmas bulge and i want to go upstairs get a serrated knife and do a little home liposuction with the stabber and the vaccuum.
it's less drastic than diet and exercise. seriously.

how was your christmas? mine was strangely non. just non. i mean, nice gifts nice visits good food but it mostly felt like a visit with family more than anything. maybe 'cause it was all so rushed.

the kiddo worked most of the time so i did get to hang with him a bit but nothing too significant and now he's off to kelowna for new year and le sigh. he sent me nice text messages when he arrived and i had to fight off the tears again and and and.. i miss him.

i do like san diego though... i even feel a bit homesick for our little abode, furniture-less though it may be. plus it's warm there, and weather here in sog-city is calling for rain rain rain for days and days to come. i feel that new years day maybe should be spent on the beach with a picnic and a bottle of bubbly.

i hope our friends come visit lots and it's not just one of those things where everyone *says* they will but life gets in the way and no one gets around to it and soon you all have drifted apart.

jeudi, décembre 27

happy blog day

my little blog is four years old, today, and i find myself asking if it is still relevant. i haven't written in 3 weeks and, to be honest, i haven't missed it much. i got out of the habit, i guess. there used to be a day when i *had* to write - was *driven* to do it. now it's almost an inconvenience, a chore.

i'll give it another shot, though, 'cause i've been reading through my back posts and found this, which is originally from tony pierce:
heres when you will experience "blogger burnout":

1. when your internal dialogue gets hijacked by your concerns about what your readers will think.
2. when you are afraid to write down what you are truly thinking about at that moment.
3. when you believe the lie that some people just arent capable of good writing.
4. when you believe the lie that there is a certain way that you "should" write anything.
5. when you get more involved in punctuation, spelling, or aestetics than saying what you want to say.
6. when you get caught up in traffic, hits, popularity, readers, and/or fame.
7. when you believe the lie that what you think doesnt matter.
8. when you believe the lie that what youre about to say has been said before and/or written down better.
9. when you forget that most ideas can be expressed in less than 15 minutes.
10. when you dont set aside a little bit of time each day to update your blog.

i have all those symptoms, currently. i wonder if there is a cure?

vendredi, décembre 7

i'm learning

my good friend screetus figures that the trick to being happy in a new city is learning the rules of the city. i'm still working on those, but i have figured out something: the two most useful phrases for dealing with telemarketers and those people who stand outside wholefoods/tjs/farmers markets are a) i'm canadian and b) i rent my home. i guess if you are currently *in* canada, the first one might not work so well, though it may throw them off long enough for you to make a clean getaway.

i'm hungry, and the only thing we really have to eat for breakfast is chocolate cake. oh and raisin bagels (yak). le sigh... it's all nasty and rainy out today, though, so i don't want to walk down to bread and cie. yes i know - my vancouver residency card is perilously close to being revoked but there it is - i don't want to go walking in the rain. i don't even have an umbrella here, for pete's sake. if i'd listened to the architect when i was packing, i wouldn't even have a jacket.

i guess chocolate cake is an acceptable breakfast. it's not like there is anyone else here to catch me eating it. mmm cake

tomorrow we find out if we get to rent a GREAT little apartment over in university heights. the architect tells me i shouldn't get so excited - at least not until we've signed the lease - but i can't help myself. it's everything we've been looking for at a price we can totally afford in an awesome part of town. so send good thoughts my way...

lundi, décembre 3

woo-woo is the disco call

so it's kind of weird to be thinking about christmas shopping when it's sunny and 20deg out, but thinking i am. this year's going to be a wee bit tighter on the gifts than the past few have been, what with the 'me not working' thing and all, but i figure i can come up with some cool stuff for not so much money if i put my mind to it.

like yesterday we went into this kind of garden and ceramic place, and i found a (fake obviously) dragon skull that i think the kiddo will rather enjoy. bonus is that it's kinda cheep, too ($35 or something). ha i can just see me heading across the border with it, though... 'what's in this box, ma'am?' 'oh a dragon skull'.

what are you doing for christmas this year? special events, gifts, plans.. what do you want for christmas?

samedi, décembre 1

raspberry porn

the architect: 'what are you watching?'
raspberry: 'kind of an interview thing with the constantines
the architect: 'oh. i see. well let me know if you want to go into the bedroom when it's over'.