lundi, décembre 3

woo-woo is the disco call

so it's kind of weird to be thinking about christmas shopping when it's sunny and 20deg out, but thinking i am. this year's going to be a wee bit tighter on the gifts than the past few have been, what with the 'me not working' thing and all, but i figure i can come up with some cool stuff for not so much money if i put my mind to it.

like yesterday we went into this kind of garden and ceramic place, and i found a (fake obviously) dragon skull that i think the kiddo will rather enjoy. bonus is that it's kinda cheep, too ($35 or something). ha i can just see me heading across the border with it, though... 'what's in this box, ma'am?' 'oh a dragon skull'.

what are you doing for christmas this year? special events, gifts, plans.. what do you want for christmas?