lundi, février 11

another manic monday

it's true - mondays are hectic here at the sundae sanatorium. even as we speak i'm lying here in bed, listening to the cat chitter at birds (c-cc-cc-cc-c-c'mere bird! (it's like he stutters)), sipping a cup of coffee that the architect delivered to me in bed before leaving for work, and wondering what to do with myself today NAY this whole week.


come on now... don't be hatin - this unemployment gig is hard work.


heh ok i don't buy it either but i do have to find things to do to keep myself busy so that i don't go stir crazy and murder myself, the cat, and the architect. i can't imagine being a sixties-era housewife, with nothing to look forward to every day except crying dirty children and six loads of laundry. *shudders*.

(now i know that it is what some people aspire to - being able to stay home and take care of the kids - and i'm not knocking them for it, i'm just saying it's not for me. simmer.)

ug i dunno what to write this morning....

i think this decision to move to SD (aside from the obvious drawbacks like missing my family and friends) was a really good one. knock wood - but my relationship with the architect seems to be getting better and better even with the money stress (which is getting to be less and less); the sunshine does wonders for my depression; my job was sucking the life out of me - now that i'm away from it i can genuinely think about maybe going back to school; our neighbourhood is awesome: we can walk to pretty much everything we need, including bars, restaurants, haircuts, farmers market; and we're starting to actually get a house put together. (knock wood, knock wood, knock wood). we don't live an extravagent exciting lifestyle, but it's quiet and happy and comfortable. i figure that's a good thing...