mercredi, avril 28


i'm really lazy this evening.. i blame the fact that i had spaghetti for lunch then a veggie burger for dinner. definately a carbohydrate overload. ooo but i did discover that if i crumble up tofu with italian seasonings into the spaghetti sauce when i heat it, the texture and consistency (and flavour, really) totally remind me of having big chunks of cheese in the pasta. my god how i've missed that... yum yum yum.

the boy has a computer game on autoplay or something in his room. emanating from beneath the door are sounds of murder, mayhem and machine guns. i think i should light a candle and play some soothing music, or else i shall most certainly have nightmares.

the new mike from friday nite called me this evening. actually we have been playing phone tag since sunday - it's been quite a marathon session. he invited me out, but since it's during the week and all i want to do is lounge about in my jammies and watch situation comedies, i could not bring myself to accept. hopefully he won't think me a lame ass for declining... i did sort of explain my herculean work hours so hopefully he shall be understanding.

there- that's it. i'm done for the nite. sleep tight, all. *kisses*