lundi, octobre 27

things found in rental cars

So on Saturday we had to rent a car, because our sweet go-car is in the shop getting his breaks did and I wanted to go shopping (shocking, I know). Anyhoo, as is often the case, the sun reached a point in the sky where the visor was required for safe and comfortable operation of said rental car (a sweet, sweet toyota corrolla, btw), and what do you think we found?

Why, two citations, a vice report, and a letter from the San Diego County Attorney assuring Mr. Dustin Bigguns (name changed to protect the 'innocent') that he was declining to prosecute for said vice arrest.

Oh - and despite the fact that the name on both the letter and the citations was male, the vice report described the person as female, which would lead me to believe that the perp (yay CSI vocabulary!) was a man dressed as a woman. Not that there is anything wrong with that - it's just an interesting addition to the anecdote that cracks me up.

We turned it into the guys at budget with a giggle when we returned the car....