lundi, août 30

around the internets

Ok so I'm home sick in bed and I finished my novel at the beach yesterday and am way to depressed to read David Foster Wallace (currently my brain is functioning at a level incapable of anything more complex than eating chocolate ice cream out of the container with my fingers) I've been surfing the innerwebs looking for something to amuse myself.

I found this blog that I'm loving (people are so much better than I am) which led me to this post. I know that I don't really have many readers left (the whole once a year posting thing is a bit much to force on even the most loyal web-friends) but in case you are out there, check it out. Oh. Not if you are a boy. You will run screaming into the night before the end. Trust.

Also this one - very boy-friendly, though if you are sensitive about your (or your children's) half assed hallowe'en costumes you should give it a miss. And take the pickle out of your bum.