dimanche, octobre 3

every day is like Sundae

Somedays I wake up and I'm just a blubbering mass of emotude and San Diego's habit of being gross and cloudy till 10.30am or so really works for me. It's like neither one of us really wants to get up and admit that it's Sunday and tomorrow we have to go to work and be all chipper n shit because we manage people and therefore have to be professional and all that bullshit.

Well probably the weather doesn't have to manage people but San Diego is known for our year round awesomeness in the climate department and (let's not kid) the weather hasn't been all that great this summer so it's probably received at least one written warning. From someone other than me, that is - I've just yelled alot.

And no I didn't start *off* yelling - that's no way to motivate employees or the weather - I started off being supportive of whatever it is that they've got going on in their lives. Then I was disappointed, then stern, then disapproving. Then I yelled.

And so what if this happened all within one conversation? I'm mercurial. You know that.