lundi, février 28

True Confessions

So they say that confession's good for the soul. My soul could use some salvation and/or some salve, so let's get this out of the way, shall we?

1) I was on man hiatus b/c I had a really weird, uncomfortable internet date. I guess the confession is that I've been going on internet dates. Maybe the blog will get interesting again, hm?

2) The verb in that sentence is *was*.

3) I'm totally and completely addicted to Top Chef. I've watched 4 seasons in the past two weeks.

4) I'm terrified of my garbage disposal.

5) Also of escalators.

6) I keep buying underwear so I don't have to do laundry.

7) I've developed a weakness for shoes with 3.5" heels & higher. I ended up picking orders in my warehouse for 3 hours today. I can't feel my toes, but I'm sort of happy about this because I suspect that, when the feeling comes rushing back, the feeling will be pain.

8) The couchsurfer told me that the reason he doesn't want to fuck me is b/c I don't smell good. This has made me vaguely insecure about the way I smell, so when I meet you I will hope and pray that you smell me and enjoy the experience.

9) It's 8:05pm and I kind of just want to take my glass of wine to bed and watch more top chef.

10) I recently had an exceptionally filthy dream about Sam from Season Two. Look at him, though. Who wouldn't?