mercredi, janvier 31

my life is a stereo

so on saturday night the architect, the sister and i watched an inconvenient truth - an eye-opening film at the very least. it's crazy to think how much damage we've done to our planet in just a few generations, no? there were only three countries that failed to ratify the Kyoto accord (australia, the us, and monaco) but the current canadian administration is hell-bent upon undoing any good that may have been accomplished by the liberal government - all the while blaming said 'previous administration' for every conceivable sin. budget overruns? their fault. government corruption and scandal? oh those dirty liberals. someone left the toilet seat up? damn you paul martin!

the stephen harper press conference in which he apologizes to Maher Arar on behalf of the canadian people is a chorus of 'not me' which puts the sounds coming from a schoolyard playground to shame. i kept looking over my shoulder to see who'd shaved the cat, broken a window or spilled the milk. his recent about-face when it comes to environmental issues (as per the CBC, recent polls indicate that the environment is tres chic in the cause du jour in the minds of most canadians. put a scoop of ice cream on top - voila! global warming solved) is (to my mind) further reason to trust this man about as much as i trust my own instincts when it comes to money, dating, and/or moderation in wine consumption). case in point - the liberal website has published a copy of a letter written by our fearless leader referring to 'the battle of Kyoto' and calling the now defunct ultra right wing canadian alliance party to arms to defend decent hardworking canadians from those shameless job-stealing hippies and crazy masked activists. i really wish there were some kind of idiot-proof iq test which we subjected people to before we allowed them to hold positions of power.

le sigh.

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