jeudi, janvier 25

who are you to wave that finger

new years-ish resolutions:

1) write
2) every
3) day

seriously i'm getting ridiculous. i love writing - i do. but it's like any form of exercise. you have to do it every day for it to do you any good. and, also like any other form of exercise, sometimes you have to coax, cajole, and bully yourself into getting off yer ass and doing it. i really have no reason - my weekday evenings have settled into a nice comfortable routine of getting home from work, making out with the architect if the kiddo is out of the house, cooking dinner, doing odds and ends of chores, and either going out for a couple of hours or settling in on the couch/bed with a book or to watch tv.

i'm getting frickin' lazy and it's not good. i'm getting out of practice and it's not good.


i also need to get back into doing yoga 'cause my back has started to bother me. the muscles are getting lazy like the rest of me. i can't wait for spring to get closer - my new bike is great but it sure sucks riding in the rain. i could even (gasp) maybe even ride to work on occasion, once it is light enough out in the mornings. i'd have to hitch a ride through the tunnel of course, but that's not a big deal. actually who'm i kidding. that's not going to happen any time soon LOL. i like being leisurely in the morning - drinking coffee and listening to the radio while i get ready. let's not get crazy about this...

any ideas for motivating yourself to do positive things for yourself?