jeudi, novembre 20

If the weather outside

So one of the crazy things about living this far south is how frickin' early it gets dark. Like, the shadows are getting long at 3.30 in the afternoon - it's almost like living way up north again, though you'd think it would be opposite.

Anyway so late yesterday afternoon I walked to the library and to get some salad & wine for dinner. When I returned home I poured myself a glass of the aforementioned beverage and retired to the front porch with it and my book and the cats for a little leisure time. Keep in mind that when I ventured out to the porch, the sun was setting but the sky was totally clear and loverly. Anyhoo, after I'd been sitting there for a few min, I looked up to see this crazy frickin' fog rolling across the sky. My pictures totally don't do justice to how low it was and how fast it was moving - seriously I thought maybe one of the hospitals nearby was on fire, until I realized that the temperature had totally dropped and there was a fresh dampness to the air. It was kind of like being in a Stephen King movie or something. I sat and watched it until it was too dark to see; totally entranced by the way it was roiling across the sky, weaving in and out of the buildings and trees. Weather is cool.