dimanche, novembre 9

Windy Sundae

Hm that post title makes it sound like I have gas. This is not the case, I assure you.

I've been blog absent again, for no real reason that I can think of, except that I need to be in a groove and when I'm not I just don't have rhythm. Because, of course, you need rhythm to get the groove. (is that the way the song goes? I'm really not sure)

It's kinda gray and rainy today - the wind is a-blowin and the rain is a-fallin. This may be contributing to my overall sense of lazy, but then who knows. I could just be a lazy ass good for nothing who never wants to do anything but lie in bed eating bonbons and reading mystery novels.

At least I've convinced myself that red wine is a beverage best enjoyed after 12pm (and I know it's after noon on the east coast; I'm talking local time, here) otherwise I'd probably be half cut already. It *is* 10.30 after all.