jeudi, avril 30

#canucks, #swineflu

Ooooo look at me mixing medias. You know - what with the twitter format of my post title. Yeah.

It's really no wonder that I have trouble keeping up with the bloggity. I mean, even with being unemployed I feel media saturated half the time - there's the twitter and the facebook and the gchat and the scratching. Oh ok maybe not the scratching, but my google reader sure as heck takes up a lot of my time.

So I'm still unemployed. Well, I mean I've been doing freelance graphic design stuff, yeah, but that's it. It's not really enough to pay the bills, that's for sure. I do wish I could find enough editting/graphic design work to fund myself because I really dig making my own schedule, but I don't think that's practical.

I've got my name in with a recruiter and they've got a contract for me, but the company requires the world's most frustrating background check *ever*. Well I guess it wouldn't be frustrating if I weren't stuck between Canada & the US but getting info between the two countries is not easy. Oh and they keep sending me new forms to fill out. Stupid.

It makes me totally nervous, though - like what if my crappy credit causes me to get rejected for a job? How weaksauce / ironic would that be? I mean, duh I've got crappy credit - I've been unemployed for a year and a half. Hire me and let's get to work on that, hm?

Anyhoo.... As a complete aside, every time I hear the news refer to Janet Napolitano (US Secretary of Homeland Security) I think they are talking about Johnette Napolitano, former vocalist for Concrete Blonde. It's messing with my head, yo.