jeudi, avril 23

stupid uterus

OK so am I the only person who spends two days each month longing for menopause? *SERIOUSLY*.

I've been a bad blogger again. I find it really hard to get into the groove of writing every day... It's funny but somewhere in my head I began to doubt myself. I went from chronicling every pimple and orgasm to thinking "aw no one wants to hear about that garbage". How am I so much less narcissistic than I used to be? Is it because I'm fat and happy, instead of thin and miserable?

Oh speaking of not being thin anymore, I am beginning to realize that the fat probably also has something to do with the fact that I don't yak up 4/7 meals anymore. I mean, I still throw up far more than the average Joe, but the involuntary bulimia really is no more. Yay for being able to eat eggs again! Boo for needing a new bikini because the knockers refuse to be contained!