jeudi, mars 17

Perils and Pitfalls of Internet Dating

 So I've been doing the innerweb dating thing again, if for no other reason than I usually hang out with guys and it's hard to meet guy 2 when you are in the company of guy 1, even if guy 1 is a platonic, friendly guy . If you know what I mean. Guy 3? fuggedaboutit.

Anyhoo I've come really close to deleting my account these past couple of weeks, 'cause I've had a couple of those... shall we say.. experiences that make you question what little faith you have left in humanity.

Experience one was basically a guy trying to bully his way into my apartment so we could "get to know each other better". Luckily the couchsurfer had popped by for a visit so the presence of his car was enough to deter the creepster. Creepster let me know in no uncertain terms that the couchsurfer would have to go because the arrangement "didn't work for him". Riiigggghhhtt...

The second happened a couple of Saturdays ago. Went for dinner with this seemingly normal, if shockingly boring, guy. Not a bad time, but not what I'd consider a good time. I should have known better when I arrived and he was wearing one of those fake ed-hardy style dress shirts. Anyway, we had dinner, I dropped him off at his house (he didn't have a car), and he tried to kiss me goodnight. I declined the chance (again, boring). We made the 'let's do this again' noises - he said the following saturday and I said yeah maybe, let's keep in touch. We never kept in touch, I forgot about it, and that was that.

Well until Friday when he started ringing my mobile. I just didn't pick up - I had a really busy week at work, had already made plans for the weekend and, as I said, was NOT interested.  So Monday rolls around and I was thinking of firing off a note to apologize for not getting back to him and clarifying my lack of interest when into my inbox fires this horribly offensive email from this douche - basically calling me a loser and insulting my appearance and all sorts of other great things. Clearly intended to make me feel crappy. Helloooo Monday. I replied to call him an asshole and praise my luck at dodging a bullet with the crazy then promptly filtered his email to go directly to my trash.

Yesterday I opened my trash to find something and there's a WHACK of emails from this guy. Since I'm not really a glutton for punishment, I didn't open any of them but I did happen to see the preview for the last - the gist was basically how I'd totally missed out because he's got a giant cock.

However will I go on.

Anyway, I didn't delete the account and went on a perfectly lovely date with an interesting apparently sane human being, so while my faith is .. not restored, per se,  I've welcomed it back into the playground. For now, anyway.