lundi, avril 4

28 hours later

So date four turned into 28 hours, countless bars, a crazy bicycle ride through the 'hoods, and at least 76% of his friends walking in on us having sex just to say hi.

I shudder to think how many near strangers have now seen my ass.

You know, more than before.  It's not as though half the world hasn't seen my ass, it's just usually it's through the comfort of a computer screen.

Sidenote - possible indication that I might be maturing.. I have this kinda sexy shot of the line of my spine, my ass is in the air, black thong. I keep uploading it and thinking about posting it and then deleting it. A few years ago I would have posted it and taken three more by now.

Postive step or am I losing my nerve? You be the judge.