jeudi, avril 28

But you do have to carry it with you to Toronto

Things I have to do this morning:
1) carefully examine contents of suitcase to figure out what I packed whilst hammered on cheap (yet entirely drinkable) red wine.

Yeah that's mostly it. Oh I should prob eat something, too, because last night's dinner consisted of triscuits, hummus, and lousiana hot sauce and my belly is now yelling at me. Yay bachelorette me. (Why does blogger recognize bachelorhood but not bachelorette? Sexist.)

Told the artist via text last night that I might miss him a little while I was away but he didn't here it from me. What? I told you I was drunk.

Then I proceeded to send him seminaked (and not so semi) photos so that he'd miss me too. He said he missed me already.