lundi, août 21

a polyphonic prostitute, the motor's on fire

ok so i'm trying to come up with some witty way to sum up the last week or so. sadly, i'm having a bad food life and it's harshing my mellow.

ergo, i'm going to steal from peechie.

  • approx. km driven: 1520
  • approx. km driven by me: 0
  • mountain ranges visited: 4 (coast, monashee, purcell, selkirk)
  • illegal drugs taken: lots
  • presription drugs taken: none (ironically enough, i decided to take a drug vacation. god i rock.)
  • hours of sleep missed: most of 'em. god bless shambhala.
  • gelato flavours eaten: 4 (strawberry, blood orange, raspberry, double chocolate)
  • kick ass desserts prepared: 1 (bbq peaches with maple mascerated strawberries, organic vanilla ice cream, and a vanilla-balsamic reduction)
  • fun b-day gifts received: lots (chapters gcs; neat bikini line exfoliater; 4gig ipod nano; fun pottery; girl guide cookies (the fun minty ones); flowers; more stuff i can't think of at the moment...)
  • meals vomitted: about 57%
  • naked hippies gawked at: innumerable
  • level of delight experienced upon realizing that supernatural is back on tuesdays: we're talking everest scale, here, kids....