mardi, août 29

you think you know a lot about my kinda woman

stinkin spo. if he weren't so cute and have such interesting threesome stories, i'd probably be way more irritated that he tagged me to play this game.

eight things you don't know about me
  1. last thursday was the first morning i've ever woke up and got ready for work at someone else's house. this morning was the second.
  2. when i was six, a boy was teasing me on the jungle gym so i shoved him and he fell off and broke his arm.
  3. i have a tiny little scar on the bottom of my belly button from where i had my tubes tied.
  4. about four years ago, i tried to eat one of those faux-steak vegetarian meat replacement things. it was so foul i vomitted, and can - to this day - feel the texture of it in my mouth. it still makes me want to gag.
  5. every month i have a little panic that i might be pregnant - even when i'm not late - although this is 99.99999% impossible.
  6. when i am sad i sleep curled up with a small blue teddybear. her name is beebee (blue bear).
  7. i am secretly afraid that i am a very bad cook and that everyone i know is just humouring me by eating what i prepare.
  8. when i was in grade six a girl in my class pretended to perform fellatio (using a ruler) on the singer from def leppard. i was convinced, for about four months, that the male penis was actually about that big, and was terrified of the thought of losing my virginity. clearly i've over come that.

i tag foxxy, ben, jen, b, sass, and K-Lo (you can just use comments...)

oh and pretty please let me know if/when you put them up so i can see!