vendredi, juin 12

cupcake siren song

So the lovely lady who made our wedding cake had a birthday party last night, and celebrated by filling an entire dining room table with desserts to share with her friends. Oh and she made carnitas for tacos as well, and her mom brought homemade salsa (yes, they are Mexican). I did a lap of the dessert table, ate some tacos, then did two more laps of the dessert table. Washed the works down with several glasses of extremely tasty Malbec and rolled my way home.

And I wonder why I can't lose weight? Heh.

In my defense, I came home with a takeaway full of cupcakes & cake & other treats and have managed to resist them thus far this AM. Oh except for one chocolate covered strawberry, which sucked me in as I dug in the fridge for my leftover barley brunch. See I was *trying* to be good...