jeudi, juin 11


So I had a job interview yesterday... it's basically an office manager position with a smattering of proofreading, marketing support, and administration. Basically a mixed bag of stuff that would be different every day and right up my alley.

I can imagine I'd be extremely exhausted for the first weekmonth, after being unemployed for a year and a half, but hell. I'd also be veritably loaded. The thought of being able to go shopping on payday and pick myself up a little something cute, the way I used to with Ms U every other Friday, makes me grin rather excessively.

I wore my fancy new interview suit - it had to impress, right? I felt a bit unsure of the whole experience when I came out but my secret inside source said they really liked me, so here's hoping they don't have many other people to compare me too. I was nervous.

What, me, nervous? Never!

I also seriously overspent in VanCity - I treated the kiddo to brunch & drinks, then bought him a bunch of groceries and some treats. Add this to the general expenses that come with a bit of a vacation and you come up with a broke sundae. At least if I'm working full time I won't feel so guilty about spending all of our money and putting us in a tight spot until payday. Sigh.

OK got to get moving - got my walk this AM and I need to not be still in my jammies when she shows up....