mardi, juin 9

These boots were made for

wings over bellinghamUg so my friend and I do this walk. It's almost 6miles long and involves a frickin serious hill. Because of the brother visiting, then being sick as a dog, we haven't gone in a month.

A month is a long time to talk off from walking 6miles of hills. Today, I kind of felt like I was going to yak most of the way home. Lord.

I've added a couple of links to the blogroll on the side. One is my little brother who's recently started to write again, much to my joy and delight.

The second is one that I found via someone else's link list and is quite heartbreaking and well written. It has the level of personal introspection and revelation that I think I *used* to manage but haven't lately. Check it out.

Tonight we go to see The Constantines! I'm very excited even though I seriously overspent in Vancity so have no cash left for drinks or tshirts or anything of that ilk. If I get some good photos I'll be sure to post.