samedi, novembre 5

and here we go again

so i didn't go to the mgood preparty. i opted for the anti-party, which is to say i spent the evening at tnb's place while he first refused to talk about what is going on and more or less acted like i was a piece of the furniture, then, at tenpm offered to walk me to my car.

to which i responded "i don't need you to walk me to my car. wtf's going on with us?"

to which he responded by launching into a protracted explanation of how he doesn't want his feelings for me to distract him from what he needs to do, which is move away from the city and what did i want for us to just keep dating until the date he leaves?


what are you talking about, he asked. i said 'you make me happy. i make you happy. we should cherish the time we have together and deal with the future when it happens.'

he said he doesn't work well like that.

i said 'don't you know that i'd follow you to the ends of the earth if you only asked?'

he said 'then you just have to give me some time'.

i cried all the way home. this morning i woke up and have the worst girl-cramps ever and want to amputate my pelvis 'cause i can't see what good that region of my body actually does anyway. it just causes me pain either directly or indirectly.

jesus christ one of the guys from that nickleback clone band default has a mohawk. how does *that* work?