vendredi, décembre 9

c'est formidable!

ok this is attempt two at this post. i'm no less enthusiastic, however.

ok so i had this fucking unbelievable idea.

ok so actually it was spo's idea, but i'm stealing it, dammit, 'cause he didn't exercise the idea to its fullest potential.

on his site he created a list of the top ten songs which get him out of bed in the morning. i think it'd be really cool to take that list and republish it here. yay wicked idea, raspberry. no wait, there's more.

i also want to list the songs added in the comments. and i want to add some songs of my own. and i want people to comment with the songs that get *them* going in the morning - those songs you play in the car when you are stuck in traffic when maybe you didn't get a lot of sleep, or maybe you aren't feeling that well, or maybe it's still technically yesterday 'cause you haven't been to bed but you have your performance review so can't call in sick, or maybe just want to stay in bed with the pets and a mug of tea and watch martha, or maybe that's just me.

then i want to create a playlist that makes some sort of sense with those songs. then i will burn it to a cd (not that we condone piracy here at the sundae salon). then i will send this cd to people who email (raspberry sundae at gmail dot com) me their addresses.

it might take me a bit though 'cause of the whirling dervish xmass frenzy of baking drinking shopping cocktail party that is my life (new coping strategy: alcohol plus busybusy = no thinkythinky) so you will have to be patient.

part the first: spo's list

  1. Paul Simon – Me and Julio
  2. Badly Drawn Boy - Once around the Block
  3. Feist – Mushaboom
  4. The Coral – In the Morning
  5. Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc
  6. Finlay Quaye – Sunday Shining
  7. Kings of Convenience - I’d rather dance with you
  8. Us3 - Cantaloop
  9. Mr. Scruff - Get a move on
  10. Billy Ocean – Get outta my dreams get into my car

part the second: the comments

  1. coldplay - here comes the sun / beautiful world from emmy em
  2. jack johnson - unnamed song from dbuc. sorry, dans, no cannibal corpse or napalm death. however, if i ever make an off to kill a postal worker compilation, i know who to call
  3. the ramones - i wanna be sedated from mr. wolf
  4. manic street preachers - girl who wanted to be a god from dan. how many fricking dans can there be?

part the third: sundae's pix

  1. k-os - crabbukkit
  2. ted leo and the pharmacists - little dawn or me & mia
  3. lyrics born - pack up
  4. clubfoot - kasabian
  5. the stone roses - elephant stone
  6. rage against the machine - bombtrack
  7. the constantines - tank commander or nighttime / anytime (it's alright)
  8. green day - basket case

ok i got a smidge carried away there. but go ahead. comment your picks if you haven't already, or even if you want to add more. i'll make executive editorial decisions (like pretending i didn't see bjork on the comment list), put together a decent collection and get the kiddo to give it a spiffy name.

how fun is that?

edit - 9.24pm

i missed:

beastie boys: hey ladies