samedi, juin 19

i bloody well HATE canned peaches

ok so i'm heading into day four of the crazy elimination diet that my allergist gave me when i had all of my weird food intolerances diagnosed. basically i am existing on a diet of tuna, rice, spinach, yams, canned peaches, sparkling water and applesauce - with the odd french fry thrown in for good luck. i have lost four pounds since monday. i'm over the caffeine withdrawl, but the lack of food thing is killing me. i'm hungry constantly. i really can't eat enough of this food, and this morning i found myself nearly gagging while trying to swallow the canned peaches i was having for breakfast. i was doing that thing where you take food into your mouth, chew on it, and take another bite. eventually you realize you havent' been swallowing, just storing it in a cheek. the timeless dilemma which arises? spit or swallow....

that's awfully whiny... sorry bout that.

fun things have happened, though, too. got my haircut today, and had a WHOlE bunch more blonde put in 'cause it's summer. and i have bought two new pairs of shoes in the last couple of days - a super fun pair of pink quilted satin flip flops and a pair of black slides with pink heart cut outs and kitten heels... very saucy if i do say so...

this all seems rather superficial, but i have been hesitant to write stuff too personal to me lately, cause of the whole nasty anonymous commenter (not you kindly anon. thanks for the tip). but now this is cemented by the fact that moxeedelic has taken her blog down due to a comment she had - apparently, someone from her work discovered it and now everyone has been reading... so she removed it. it's an interesting conundrum. you publish things to the internet with the expectation that people are going to read them, but at the same time, not using your own name sort of should provide you with some armour against people whom you *don't* want to know who you are, you know? there is enough stuff within my journal that, if you knew me, you could fully put two and two together. but, at the same time, i've become quite guarded in what i publish, so that doesn't really matter much anymore.

what, then, is the point? i have found myself less willing to write since i started censoring myself. mind you, this hesitance has also coincided with some poor health and some weird personal issues.. so maybe i'll snap out of it.