vendredi, juin 25

i don't wanna holiday in the sun...

I wanna go to the new Belsen
I wanna see some history
'cause now t got a reasonable economy

Oh now I got a reason...
and l'm still waiting
Now I got a reason
to be waiting
the Berlin wall

In sensurround sound in a two inch wall
well I was waiting for the communist call
I didn't ask for sunshine
and I got world war three
I'm looking over the wall
and they're looking at me

Oh now l got a reason...
and I'm still waiting
Now I got a reason
to be waiting
the Berlin wall

They're staring all night
and they're staring all day.
l had no reason to be here at all.
But now I got a reason it's no real reason
And I'm waiting at Berlin wall
I gotta go over the Berlin wall.
I don't understand it... (etc.)

claustrophobia there's too much paranoia
there's too many closets
I went in before
And now I got a reason
it's no real reason to be waiting
the Berlin wall

I gotta go over the wall,
I don't understand this bit at all... (etc.)

Please don't be waiting for me.

how cool are the sex pistols? i mean, in the grand scheme of things... i'm really superstitious about road trips - i have to start them off with a new cd. so last summer, for one of the kiddo's track meets, we were heading off to the interior and i picked up a cd copy of "never mind the bollocks..". i had owned it on tape, but never on disc, and he'd never really heard much (well aside from a mixed cd where i put the transplants' diamonds and guns back to back with 'holidays in the sun' cause the openings are the same). we rocked out to the sex pistols as we drove down the #1. it's really funny that he listens to lots of the same music that i listened to when i was his age... come to think of it, the next road trip after that was the time i introduced him to ministry, to which he was an instant convert. a couple of months later he was listening to them in his room, and a few of his friends were over. i was in the bathroom next door, and i heard one of his friends ask "doesn't this music bother your mom?" to which he replied "bother her? she introduced me to it!" funny, huh?

so here i am on my vacation, drinking my first coffee in a week and a half (i am typing at 2x normal speed, at least) wearing my jammies and pondering what to do with my week, or at least my day. i'm still doing this allergy diet, so my 'out for lunch with myself' choices are limited, but i think some serious thrift store shopping is in order. i asked calvy if he wanted to join me, but he didn't seem too interested. sooo off i go by myself. really, i am ok with that. plus, the caffeine in my sistem is making me VIBRATE... so i don't know how much company i would be.

maktaaq has invited me to go see british comedy at a japanese restaurant this evening. i must admit, i am fascinated by that concept. i love contrasts, and there seems to be few things as dissimliar as british and japanese culture. so i believe i shall break out of my hermit-like existance and join her.

ah well, i'm off for a shower. don't want to waste any of my vacation days, you know....