mardi, juin 15

to blog, or not to blog

that is the question. i'm still all swirly in my head and in my belly. indeed, the belly swirly has gotten severe enough that i can only eat toast, fruit, rice, tuna, and (for some reason) chocolate without tossing my lunch. quite literally - i've shocked and dismayed several of my coworkers in the last little bit by doing a mad dash from the table after finishing my meal.

mr married has been feeding me bits and pieces of fruit and hovering about worriedly. i actually fessed up to him about why the food / allergy / pukey thing is kind of serious with me... how it becomes totally connected to my food rules and compounds the anxiety creating a vicious cycle in with the anxiety causes the puking and the puking is the reason behind the anxiety until, after a while, i'm kind of afraid to eat anything at all. and, since that's getting to be the point i am at now.. i have decided to start my allergy diet tomorrow - welcome to a world of a coffee and chocolate and all fun things food related deprived raspberry sundae. i feel for my coworkers come 9am tomorrow morning.

so i went out and stocked up on canned peaches, unsweetened apple sauce, white rice, spinach, cranberry sauce (that's a bit of a cheat, but my god how dull can life get) and sparkling water. i am also allowed cranberry juice, but after the last elimination diet, and the copious amounts of cranberry juice consumed, i make a sour sort of face just *thinking* about the stuff. so just sparkling water for a week. i'm trying to remember what the heck else i ate while i was on this thing. maybe i'll call my allergist and get them to fax me over a copy tomorrow. wouldn't want to miss out on an all-important type of edible. trust me, variety is everything.

anyhoo, if you happen to run into me in the next couple of days and i am lethargic/grumpy/sleepy or all of the above, please do forgive me. it's the diet and i don't mean it at all....