jeudi, octobre 12

ain't no sex on the radio

is that a real lyric? i don't even know this morning. i look hot in an eighties markie post kinda way, today. i have on this great bat wing black shirt and grey pencil skirt (courtesy of valoo veelage) and new black knee high boots (courtesy the architect). or maybe only i think i look hot, but sheet that's half the battle, right? riiigghhhtttt.

i recall one day a (pretty much former) friend told me that the reason guys don't like me is 'cause i'm too 'styley'. i never did figure out what that meant. i dress well so men won't find me attractive? seemed fishy, to me.


ha whoops i forgot that i had this open, got distracted by work, and totally abandoned it. it's now almost ten am... such a spaz.