vendredi, octobre 27


so for two mornings now i've tried to log into blogger and been denied denied denied. bastard bitch blogger blowhard.


so anyhoo... it's been forever since i've been here, and i apologize. things are happening. the architect and i are planning on cohabitating. this is exciting to me. it scares the *SHIT* out of me, but it is exciting... we've more or less been spending all of our non-work time together for the past month anyway. it's not too much of a stretch to go all the way. he gets along with the kiddo, the sister thinks he's great, and my mom seems to like him lots, as well, so there's that.

plus he actually owns furniture. praise the lord halleluiah amen.

OH K-Lo i apologize for no pictures, but the blogger thing has pissed me off royally - i'll get some up this weekend, i promise :) in the meantime, here is one of the architect being naughty. he gave me permission to put it up - i think he wanted to represent... ahh fuck forget it. i still can't post pictures. will keep trying....