vendredi, octobre 20

the hardest button to button

so one of the things i like about firefox is that i can have tabs as my homepage. i have it set up differently for angus macintoy and for chuck, my work laptop. On angus, it loads my blog as a tab, but not on chuck.

anyway.... this morning while i was in the shower the architect loaded firefox on angus so he could check his mail and keep up to date on the ongoing soap opera which is the international motorcycle racing circuit. my blog came up. he read the last post (i'd told him before that it existed and that he was welcome to read it if he should so desire. he's never done it).

when i got out of the shower, i went upstairs, poured two cups of coffee, came back down and handed him one. he told me that he read it. i almost dropped my coffee. he said it was good, 'cause he's been thinking the same thing. he said 'i promise to stick around if you do.' i made him pinky swear. he told me a bit about why he was afraid, too. it was good.

oh plus he woke me up for sex.

oh plus on the way to work he got me that super cute mug at tenbucks.

we like him.