vendredi, octobre 13

born to blossom bloom to perish

raspberry's friday list of random facts
  1. tonight i go see the herbaliser
  2. i cancelled my hair appointment for tomorrow
  3. i rescheduled it for 3 weeks before my christmas party
  4. i'm feeling lazy today
  5. pink m&m's have no calories, because when you eat them you are helping to fight breast cancer
  6. any chocolate consumed between american thanksgiving and twelfth night has no calories or fat, because it is magic christmas chocolate
  7. people who don't celebrate christmas are exempt from that rule
  8. the architect is no longer coming to colorado with me. i will be flying solo. anyone who knows of fun things to do in colorado springs should call me asap.
  9. ridley wrote me a letter
  10. i don't know what to be for hallowe'en