lundi, novembre 6

My moustache still tastes of your testes!

so the rental agreement was signed on friday - it's official. the architect and i are shackin' up. this causes me belly aches of excitement and/or sheer terror.

speaking of belly aches - went to see Borat this weekend. you know, it debuted at #1, even though it's only playing on something like 800 screens. people clearly like making fun of americans & minorities. i wonder how many can see the social satire that is at the root of the humour? don't get me wrong - by the end of the film i wasn't even laughing anymore, just making a sick kind of wheezing noise. the kiddo was in a similar state - i looked over at him and he was supporting his head in his hand, holding his stomach, and the tears were rolling down his face. go see it - it's great.

on wednesday morning i'm going to colorado springs for work. the architect was originally going to go with me, but tickets are pricey so i told him to save the money and spend it on cool house stuff like, oh i dunno, a kitchen table, which we kinda need.

plus we are going to try and go to seattle to see adam freeland (joy!) and i want christmas presents...