vendredi, novembre 10

rocky mountain hi-iiiyh

so here are my first impressions of colorado springs - mother fucker is flat. seriously. ok yes there is a mountain over there, oh and there's that bunker disguised as a rockpile they call norad but when we were flying over denver you could see the rockies on one side and then i could see straight through to new york to the east i swear to god.

i'm drinking the weakest coffee in the world, at the moment, by the way. mmm hotel room coffee. so so bland.

our plan is to leave here on saturday, drive through to sheridan wyoming (former home of buffalo bill hickock) and spend the night, then go to missoula montana (called the garden city because it's apparently warmer than anywhere else in the state), and then home monday.

walmart is bringing back christmas. makes sense to me - say happy holidays all you want but the holiday you are celebrating 'round about that time of year is kinda christmas, here in north america. yes there are other holidays around that time of year, and you are right not everyone celebrates christmas, but heck - you don't have to celebrate them now do you? but that's just me - it's the P/C thing that has always irritated me the most. anyway, what has that got to do with colorado springs? well because walmart is the largest employer in el paso county (which is where i happen to be). crazy, huh?

anyhooo... i have to finish my beige water and head on out. i've got a busy day as a booth babe in front of me.