jeudi, novembre 23

you told me you wanted to eat up my sadness

ug i have a crapload of work today but am suffering a low-grade hangover, and really *really* can't get into it. plus we found out yesterday that our bonuses are going to be over a month late - frustrating because of le relocation as well as le christmas. le sigh.

last night we went for dinner at friends - drank a couple of bottles of wine and discovered my new favouite drink. mm kahlua and almond milk. well i think it was good, anyway - i've been taking a *lot* of painkillers so the wine hit me a little harder than it normally does, if you catch my drift. this weekend has a few things up - maybe a lounge for a girls night out on friday, possibly dancing on saturday, and a whole lot of packing. good thing i have monday off, too.

the new house... it's 3/4 of a house - 3 bedrooms plus a den, all laminate flooring with a little deck out front and a big covered deck (perfect for year round bbq-ing) in back. as well, the back yard is lovely. there is one girl living downstairs - the landlord says she's super nice, but we've not met her yet. we are going to try and put the kiddo's room as far away from hers as possible so that he doesn't bother her with music late at night, but still feels free to play it. the house is painted in varying shades of blue except for the 2 small bedrooms which are white and the master bedroom which is a mocha colour that the architect and i picked. we're going to paint the kiddo's room dark red for him, 'cause he's always wanted that. we'll just have to paint it back before we move out again. the other good thing is that we didn't have to sign a lease - after the summer we can move back to the city no problemo.

i'm super excited - i've been buying bamboo towels and fun stuffs for the kitchen and looking at christmas lights and all sorts of stuff. i can't wait, but i'm really nervous, too. it's been a long time since i lived with someone. what if he decides he hates my funny little eccentricities? what if i all of a sudden hate his?