mardi, novembre 21

where are you going

ok so here's my issue.

i had to take a little break here 'cause i've become desperately afraid of being one of those bloggers who just kind of falls into a routine of talking about their relationship and what she did for the weekend and how great/boring/much of a dolt/much of a wonderful example of humanity her boyfriend is.

so i'm working on finding a new path here, and working on making sure that i *make* time for this little bloggy, 'cause i do love coming here and i've missed the interaction i have with myself and with the readers (assuming i have any left). i just want to make sure i don't get caught in a rut. there are bloggers, of course, who manage to keep their lives and their inner voices entirely separate. i want to be one of those.

so bear with me as i find my footing, ok? the next few weeks will be a little rocky, but i'm sure my voice will come back and all will be well in blogland, again. i'll go back to writing about sex and stuff and shoes and more stuff and more shoes and getting loaded/high/going dancing/the kiddo/etc and no one will know that we've had this little 'break' ok bloggity? ok


(edit - thanks to spo, this sort of sums it up...)